Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

 A rune star, inspired by Vegvisir and others. The tattoo has a magical background and the bearer wishes to be influenced by the power of the carefully chosen runes, matching her personality and development.

 An icelandic classic: The Vegvisir can be found in the galdrabok from the 17th century and in older manuscripts, there it is decribed as a magical symbol amongst 143 others.
The book contains complex runewritings and symbols.

  Ægishjálmur, can be found in the same book, both designs are also deeply rooted in icelandic and scandinavian culture.
I personally think, runic inscriptions should be kept simple and bold, gives them a nice, very classic appearance :)

                                             Sometimes it is, what it looks like...a snowflake ;)

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