Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

Oslo (NO)

While demons roam in my territory
I'mgone and happy about it
While demons molest my kin
I'm gone and leave footprints in the northern snow
While demons remain in everlasting torture
I'm gone and enjoy the wintersun

Ice is not to be trusted in winter's beginning
So is the woman's mind after many years
A blade is not to be trusted before the battle is won
So a man shall trust his own power and spirit only

Ice is the sickness of snakes
Sunbeams pierce the heart of the Snowqueen
Triumph follows the Unjust
Who loves others like himself

Deception is retribution for lies
Ignorance the most devastating weapon
The eagle does not fear the snake
Hate is the king of the worms
It feeds from your entrails
Your arch enemy the best teacher


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