Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

This mindblowing price goes out to you who wish to be copied, but never will, because you are just too great for this world.

You will get rewarded for your amazing use of the social medias to convince your virtual friends of your overwhelming personality.

Also for your amazing skills of copy and paste, for your greatness in craftmanship and creativity, when you use the efforts in style and design of others and bring it to another level.

Also for your respectful behaviour to at least only talk good about those you use designs from to earn your well deserved money and not bitch behind their backs.

My respect to you is endless and I added one of my favourite songs (NOT a coverversion ;)) to express, how much we apprechiate your presence on our lovely planet and for all the good you did to the industry and our lives.

THANK YOU...bye :)

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