Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Last week, the brother Timothy came to the studio for his very first tattoo. He had a special request.. The graphic was taken from a skateboard. Timothy started skateboarding in 1988 and discovered punk music that same year, so it was only logical for him to start his tattoo collection with the graphic design of one of his first Santa Cruz boards by Tom Knox.
Timothy owes everything to skateboarding, from meeting his wife, his friends his career and traveling all over the world. 
Myself being a skater, it was very exciting and inspirational to do this piece on such a genuine and humble man. 

"This image represents where I came from and embodies the spirit of youth- individuality and questioning the status quo. As my wife and I prepare to bring a new person into this world. I have truly been blessed in life, and I'm honored that you did the work for my first tattoo."  - Timothy

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